Hand held mobile version of TYPuzzle

A smaller hand held mobile version of the TYPuzzle system has been developed. Seven prototypes have been made, two of which can be purchased here.

Prototype toy and packaging

TYPuzzle Toy Prototype (Studio Editions gdi03)
£150.00 (including postage and packaging)

Alternativley, anyone with access to Lasercutting facilities can make their own using the following files and intructions.

Open source files

You will need to download the following Adobe Illustrator CS6 .ai files for lasercutting:

Illustrator file


You will need:

  • A lasercutter
  • 1 sheet of 2mm white perpex, A3 in size
  • 1 sheet of 2mm balck perpex, A4 in size
  • Superglue
  • A steady hand
  • Approximately 3 hours

Step 1. Cutting the perspex

The TYPuzzle was made using an Epilog Legend 36EXT (other manufacturers are avaialble)

  • Download the Illustrators files.
  • Place the files into Corel Draw or similar Lasercutting software.
  • Use the following settings to cut the perspex, following the recommended workflow of your lasercutter and software.

Screenshot of lasercutting settings

You should be left with the following kit of component parts. There will be some spares left over.

instructions diagram of the component parts

Step 2. Making the tiles

Use the following instructions and short video to put together 13 white tiles and 11 black tiles.

instructions diagram of making the 13 white tiles

instructions diagram of making the 11 black tiles

instructions diagram of 13 white tiles and 11 black tiles

Step 3. Housing the tiles

Use the following instructions and short video to house the 24 tiles along with the background, borders and front.

instructions diagram of housing the tiles